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About Safety

Keeping you and your visitors safe while online is a top priority. That’s why URL Melter includes several privacy and security features to keep you protected while you browse.

Our priorities for operating a safe service include:

  1. Keeping visitors safe by keeping dangerous content off of URL Melter
  2. Protecting the privacy of visitors to your links
  3. Ensuring we comply with takedown requests from authorities and other users

Safe Browsing

URL Melter Safe Browsing is the main way we keep you and your visitors safe. When you shorten a URL with us, your link gets scanned for phishing content, malware, spam and other types of malicious content.

This is completely transparent to you, and you’ll only see a warning if we find something suspicious with the URL you have shortened.

While the full list of attributes we look at is a closely guarded secret, you should avoid URLs which:

  • Redirect to phishing sites, spam websites or malware
  • Redirect to other URL shortening services
  • Email marketing services (e.g. for view/click-through analytics)
  • Illicit content such as drug sales, pornography, hacking forums, and similar content
  • URLs which can be redirected to other websites without user interaction

Actions we take

If a link is flagged by our Safe Browsing system, we can take a number of steps to keep our visitors safe. This can range from warning visitors as they click your link, all the way to removing the link from use.

Repeat offenders who continue to breach the URL Melter Terms of Service will be banned from creating new links.