Capture accurate colors

Lighting and other factors can significantly affect the colors captured by Colordrop. To ensure that the colors you capture are accurate, consider these suggestions:

Use the True Tone flash

The True Tone flash, available in newer iPhone and iPad models, corrects the color temperature of photos to provide accurate colors and tones in photos. For best results in Colordrop, use photos which have been captured with the True Tone flash, or similar technology, as doing so will improve the accuracy of colors captured.

Avoid shadows where possible

Shadows in photos will darken the colors which are captured. While Colordrop can provide lighter tints of colors, they are considerably less accurate that what could be captured from the source photo.

Pan and zoom

Before you start capturing a color, zoom in to the area of the photo you want to capture from. This will make it easier to capture the precise color you want.

To zoom, either double-tap on the photo, or pinch the photo. Use a single finger to pan around when zoomed in.

You can pan and zoom when the (capture) icon is off.

To learn more about getting the most out of your iPhone or iPad's camera, visit Apple Support.