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Hot Topics

Hot Topics are controversial, divisive, or sensitive websites which we will warn users about before visiting. If one of your links redirects to such as website, your visitors will see a warning before visiting.


Your visitors won’t be prevented from clicking through to the final URL, but we will show a warning after they click on your link.


There are several categories of Hot Topic. The following is an incomplete list:

  • Websites which publish fake news or disinformation
  • Particularly sensitive current affairs topics
  • Sensitive content which remains in the public interest, but which may cause distress for some

The list of Hot Topic websites continuously changes, and websites are added and removed as and when needed.


If your link has been marked as a Hot Topic, you may be able to request a review. This means a member of URL Melter staff will review your link, and may decide to remove the Hot Topic flag from your link.

You can learn more about reviews on our Link Reviews page.