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Link Reviews

Sometimes our safety systems will be unable to fully confirm how safe a link is. In these cases, it will be marked as requiring additional verification via a review.

This means that a member of URL Melter staff will look at your link and decide what action to take. In many cases, your link will be marked as "Safe", and visitors will see no interruptions when they click through.

In some cases, your link will be marked as "Unsafe" or as a "Hot Topic", in which case visitors will see a warning before they can click through to the final URL.

Requesting a Review

If one of your links needs to be reviewed, you can request a review via the URL Melter app.

  1. Open the URL Melter app and tap on the Links tab.
  2. Tap on the affected link.
  3. Scroll until you see a "Request Review" button. Tap on the button.
  4. Enter a short reason for requesting the review, then tap Submit.
  5. Your link will be reviewed by URL Melter.

Automatic Reviews

In some cases, we can automatically review a link. This usually happens when a change has been made to our safety system whereby your link now passes all safety checks.

If automatic checks are not passed, your link will be manually reviewed.

Manual Reviews

If automatic checks fail, your link will be reviewed by a member of URL Melter staff. They will look at your reason for requesting a review, and make an honest assessment of whether it is suitable for URL Melter.

URL Melter staff can resolve a review by either marking your link as "Safe", or by rejecting it. If a review reason is rejected, your link’s status will remain the same.

If you are still unhappy with the outcome of a review, you should contact URL Melter support.